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6MIX Profile (new updates 2015) - JYP Upcoming New Girlgroup

what is 6mix? 
6mix is a RUMOR name of JYP upcoming girlgroup.
The rumor come from a comment from a producer's instagram. fans just speculation it as 6 female trainees that have any different nationality,age, etc. and thats why they called 6mix :)

Meet the (speculation) members? here we go~! :)

1. Nayeon
Full name :  Im Nayeon
Birth : September 21, 1995

-Fans speculation is, she will be the visual of 6mix because of her unique beautiful face. some fans also say that she is look mixed from Dara,Suzy,and Sohee face
-Nayeon is quite popular among jyp trainees
-Even though Nayeon not debuted yet, she already shoot many CF and do any promotional photoshoot (such a uniform school photoshoot,shoes promotional photoshoot,etc)
-Nayeon also starring some MV. San E - Don't Go, GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls, and Jun.K - No Love

Some photos of our Nayeon

 Nayeon with Suzy of Miss A (from a CF video)
Nayeon with some Beast members (CF photoshoot)

2. Jungyeon

Name : Yoo Jungyeon
Birth : November 1, 1996

-Someone say that Jungyeon is good at rapping
-Jungyeon is so good at dancing
-Through any photos of Jungyeon, we can assume she is a tomboy girl hehe
-Jungyeon have sister name Yoo Sungyeon. Yoo Sungyeon ever be trained at SM and almost debut with Red Velvet, but somehow she currently come as actress 
-as Nayeon, Jungyeon also appear at GOT7's Girls Girls Girls MV

Some photos of our Jungyeon

Jungyeon with her sister Seungyeon (left;Jungyeon right;Seungyeon)
3.  Sana
Name : Sana
Full Name : ? (still unknown)
Birth : December 29, 1996
Hometown : Japan

-Sana is the A girl, She appear at GOT7's A MV
-Sana is 100% full japanese 
-but Sana also rumored mixed Australian

Some photos of our Sana 

4. Jisoo
Full name : Park Jisoo
Birth : February 1,1997

-Jisoo is the longest female trainees that training at jyp. (she's already training back with 2pm,wg,missa, gsoul,etc)
-Jisoo probably will come as ''Jihyo'' for her stage name
-Jisoo probably will be the leader for 6mix, because usually jyp pick the leader (not only bcause she deserve it) with one the longest trainee
-back in 2011, she had a CF together with Boyfriend for TN:Teen Nature 

Some photos of our Jisoo

 Jisoo with Boyfriend ;

Jisoo with Sunmi 

 5. Minyoung / Charlene
Name : Song Minyoung
English Name : Song Charlene 
Birth : (still rumored around 1996-1998 liner)
Hometown : Federal Way, Washington

some photos of our minyoung

-Minyoung info is hard to find,she seems be the mysterious trainee =]
-Minyoung seems will be the youngest of the group (many people say she is 98liner)

Do you guys know where is the 6th member? so,yep. It still unknown. I mean..

So, 6MIX original line up actually was here, in their showcase
Its Jisoo,Nayeon,Minyoung,Lena,Jungyeon,and Cecilia.
oh so, who is Lena and Cecilia ? Do you guys know them already? okay I also made their profile

Full name : Celena Catherine Ahn
Birth : November 2, 1993
Hometown : Los Angeles, California 
twitter : https://twitter.com/_lenaahnn_
instagram : http://instagram.com/_lenaahnn/

I bet some kpopers and of course a jypstan already know her. 
Yep,she is who rapping for Sunmi's Full Moon song. She is actually was a member of 6mix and supposed to be the leader (again...fans speculation) even JYP already confirm her as the first member of the JYP upcoming girlgroup. but nothing impossible, you know?
currently, she leave JYP. Some fans confirm that she want to be actress in the USA (or wherever she born / lived) 

Some photos of our Lena;

Lena with Sunmi

 Lena with Sunmi,and GOT7


Full Name : Cecilia Boey
Birth : October 22, 1995
Hometown : Australia 

Cecilia is australian-chinese.
Same as Lena, Cecilia also pretty popular among the jyp trainees. 
She appear at GOT7's Girls Girls Girls MV, and Chansung of 2pm VCR (concert)
But she also leave jyp with some reason that we don't know.
She also be an actress now at china, with name Yanfei Song 

some photos of Cecilia;

 Cecilia with GOT7's Bambam

For people that may sad bcs of Cecilia and Lena,
Don't be sad. We don't know what really happen with them and JYP decide.
And I hope you guys can stop complaining and bothering with all message that you guys have been sent to them trough their sns, like ''lena pls comeback :('' ''ceci, i hope you will debut with 6mix :(''
Do you guys don't think how they feel when they read it? they could be feel sorry and bothered.
The only thing that we shall do is, let's support HOWEVER  their fate is :) give them the strength and make them smile even though they are not a part of the group who we love (6mix) :)

6MIX Moments  ❤ :')



Okay so, its ended.
Thank you so much for read it and i'll be more happy if you guys comment here :)